About Us

Citiblocs was created and invented by a long-time professor of an old and elite university in America. As a professor, he always wanted to let children learn without forcing them to study but by letting them have fun while learning. Teaching for years, he learned that kids, teenagers, and even adults won’t learn by forcing them do so, in fact, he knew that in order to learn effectively, people must learn what they want to learn and feel joyous as they do.  


He has been teaching a lot of college students but he was also fond of children and kids. As he grows old teaching in the same University, the urge to do something for these kids grew as well. There are a lot of things in his mind but one of them is Citiblocs toys. He was delighted at the idea so he was more than excited to finally create this thing. He spent years in finally completing the idea and concept of these toys he was eager to create and share with others. When he was finally ready to show it to many people, he asked and gained much help from many people who made it possible for Citiblocs to be transformed from design into reality.  


As these toys hit the stores, the professor was more than glad that his mission was accomplished and that the toys he invented continue to make a lot of kids happy. What makes him happier is that they are truly able to learn naturally from this game.  It was made to be an alternative toy for their computer games or gadgets. With Citiblocs, we are glad to promote building and connecting toys that will not just let you have fun but also lets you learn naturally and allow for bonding with friends and family members.