Hi, I’ve heard about Citiblocs from a friend of mine so I went here to look for the items you sell. Can you tell me where and how can I see your products? 


Hello, thank you so much for paying us a visit. If you want to see the different types of Citiblocs, just go to our shop section in this site and view the items. It is located on the menu bar and the shops will show various kinds of items because they may differ from one another.  


I am wondering if you have branches in Nevada? I would really like to visit your shop and see the items personally. It would be awesome to bring my kid so he could pick what toys he’d like to buy.  


Yes, we do have store branches in Nevada. For more details and information, check the location section of this site and see the branches near your place. Bringing your kid would be a good idea because it’s better to make them choose what type of toy he would like to get. Thank you for planning to visit us personally. 


Hello, Citiblocs! I’d like to know if you have other toys for sale other than the Citiblocs you always advertise. I think it will be really cool to see more fun stuff from you! 


Hi! As of now, we still have no other toys for sale besides the Citiblocs although we are currently working on new toys so please look forward to it. 


Can I know if it’s possible to send back an item I bought and make a change for the same item but different in colors, designs, etc.? 


Yes, we accept the items that the customers want to replace for a different one as long as it is the same type of Citiblocs, has the same price, and is undamaged.