Daniela K. 


I really loved the toys on Citiblocs! My kids have fun playing with them and it was so nice to see them learn how to create and build things on their own. They love how colorful the toys are and how it was really fun to create things. As a mom, it was good to see my children be so creative even without help from adults. I hope to see more fun things from this store soon! 


Ailee J. 


I bought a set of Citiblocs last month for my niece as a present and I thought she wouldn’t like it at first. I was really surprised that she takes time playing it even if she’s alone. It also helps to prevent her from watching too much television because she became so busy with this toy! 


David L. 


Thanks Citiblocs for creating such things for children! I never thought my son would like this game because he prefers playing video games in front of his computer all day. Like what you said, Citiblocs is an alternative game so our kids won’t spend all their time in front of gadgets and devices and it was true. I bought it hoping that it could divert my son’s attention somehow and I’m glad it worked. 


Nancy D. 


My little cousins enjoy playing this game. I love how they are always so eager to come up with many ideas and create so many things with Citiblocs. Since it helps them learn naturally by themselves, it became even more interesting. The way they became so creative and imaginative was really good and it’s all thanks to Citiblocs. But there are more things I want from this store and that is more toys for kids. I hope you make more and more fun stuff like this.